Artist Questionnaire

Artist Questionaire
  • Name*full name here
  • Birthplace*city, st
  • Role/Responsibilities*please specifyDetail your role/ history in Dancin' in the Street... Motown & More Revue.
  • Background*further detailsHow has soul music and particularly the "Motown-era" played a part in your life and artistry?
  • Background*further detailsHow did you very first find out about Dancin' in the Street?
  • Lego! (Let's Go)*further detailsIf we could take Dancin' in the Street anywhere in the world, where would most like to perform? Paint the picture.
  • Impact*further detailsHow do you think Dancin' in the Street impacts the Houston community and beyond?
  • Show Fav*further detailsWhat is your favorite act in this year's show?
  • All Time Fav*further detailsWhat is your absolute favorite classic soul music song?